Shareware: How to backup songs , videos from your iPod to computer?

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    Shareware: Backup songs, videos from iPod to computer

    Aniosoft ' iPod to computer ' is an ipod backup tools to help you easily copy / transfer your songs , videos from your iPod to PC. Aniosoft ' iPod to Computer ' is so easy to use. It supports automatic scan iPod. iPod to Computer offers very fast searching and a browse mode which makes finding songs/videos on the iPod.
    Aniosoft iPod to Computer is so easy to choosing desired groups of files for transfer from ipod to PC . And it's also very fast and easy backup files from your ipod to PC. Just do a checkbox click on any song/video file in the iPod files list, which enables you to check/uncheck all or specific groups of files for backup to PC. The list of shown songs/videos can be showed by song name, genre, artist, album.
    Run Aniosoft ' iPod to computer ' step by step:

    Step 1.

    *Download Aniosoft iPod To Computer at here and install it. Connect your iPod to Pc . Maybe,the iTunes will be auto run first.
    In iTunes make sure the iPod Options have "Enable disk use" checked.

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    Step 2.

    * Run iPod to computer , it will auto scan the iPod on your PC.
    If the iPod is enable, the files(songs/movies) will be showed in list.

    Step 3.

    *You could select the file (make it be checked in list) what you need.
    Click the button 'Backup'.All selected files in your iPod will be transfer to computer.

    That's ok! Enjoy the music and movie on your PC.
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    When you say shareware, do you mean it is a limited demo/is only a trial version?
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    The link itself states 'trialware' so without looking I would guess that this is limited!

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