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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sman789, Aug 11, 2010.

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    I'm not entirely sure if I posted this in the right place - it could go under iPhone, iPod Touch or iTunes - but anyway:

    One thing that I find both annoying and surprising about the iPhone/iPod Touch is that there is no shared documents folder between applications, and there is no way to sync documents to and from such a folder in iTunes. This means that for almost all App Store apps, you need to use an internet browser (or a PC/Mac app which does the same thing) to connect over a wireless network to your iPod and send the files right into the app's documents folder yourself.

    This, of course, it stupid. It means firstly that despite there being a reletivly high-speed cable connection between your PC/Mac and your iPhone/iPod Touch, you cannot actually use it. You have to use a slow wireless connection and, of course, it means that if you don't have a wireless network, you cannot use the App. Secondly, it means that you cannot edit a document in more than one App, you would have to go back to your computer each time to move it between Apps.

    Luckily, though, jailbreaking solves the issue partially. You can use a program such as iFunBox to access the file system of your iPhone/iPod Touch over the cable connection and transfer files to the Apps' folders directly. Unfortunatly, it doesn't solve the problem of all the App folders being seperate.

    I just don't understand why iTunes doesn't have a documents folder on the PC which gets synced to your iPhone and can be accessed by all Apps. This would solve all the above problems and help iTunes actually become an OK program.

    And, as an additional question: why does anyone use SSH anymore when there are apps like iFunBox availible. I understand that SSH allows editing of permissions, but surely that is a feature that is only rarely used by even the most technical-minded people here. Also, it has security risks and such so it seems odd that it is always what is reccomended on Cydia's main page and here in the forums.

    So if anyone knows the reason for the first point, or has an answer to the above question, I would be greatful for a response

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    I cant help you. I dont jailbreak. Good luck!

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