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    Question #1 :
    I got my IPod Touch 2G Jailbroken, however, I have followed all the steps and I find the only way to boot it is via Voltage's Booter. I'm curious how I could fix this.

    Question #2 : Low-level debuggers, where would I find one for the IPod touch. I'm very interested to figure out how it works, I just can't find any sort of tool I can use to do some live-debugging. Possibly a remote one for the windows platform, but I also have a linux duel boot.

    Question #3 : IPhone SDK, clearly this is only for the Macintosh, I've heard of some people trying to port it over. It's going to take a while though. So where would I find a legal cheap lite-weight version of the OS required to use the SDK(prefferebly around 1GB, even though I know Macintosh is a rather large OS). I'd much rather stick with C\C++ but from what I read online the SDK has it's own scripting language or something for the SDK(I may be wrong), I was curious if I could stick to C\C++ and possibly continue using the SDK.

    Question #5 : I've tried installing an .app file manually via SHH, and I got it uploaded, set the permissions accordingly, and the file appears on my desktop(SpringBoard?) However, when I open click on this file to open it, it starts up and closes immediately. It's freeware I downloaded, called APlogger I believe.

    Question #6 : How efficiently does linux run on the Ipod touch, and are there any limitations when it comes to networking and such on the OS?

    Last but not least, is it possible to start tweaking some already existent firmware? If I am to start programming on the Iphone, I imagine it's quite a bit different on the IPhone then Windows. Where would I find a reference to the APIs exported from the IPhones library's? Something like Microsofts MSDN Library.

    Thanks for your time

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