Setting up email account on ipod touch? - help needed

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by craynerd, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Hi guys, done some searches and can`t find my specific answer.

    I`m trying to set up an email account on my new ipod touch 2g. My work uses firstclass(.com) as its mail server and group networking.

    So anyway I have gone ahead and input all the necessary info: account host name, user name and password details. The account is working and I am recieving emails!! - Problem is when I receive the email on my touch the email does not appear when I open firstclass on my work computer. This isn`t any use! I was hoping that my ipod touch would just act as a copy to receive and view the emails before I opened them on my work computer, not divert and intercept them completely! Is there any way around this???

    I remember at University, I use to use yahoo mail to intercept my uni emails yet when I logged into my university webmail, the emails still appeared as unread! This is what I want with this?!?!

    Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

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    BUMP - I think the words I was looking for, after more research was:

    How do I view my new emails without removing the emails off the email ( server?!


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