Serious problem, BUT don't want to restore

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 2.X' started by Papa G, Sep 21, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    Ok I have the latest os 2 jb and I recently SSHed and renamed some of the most critical folders on it including the System folders etc.
    Now I an unable to do anything and when I plug it in to my windows it just shows the "plug usb into itunes" screen and that's it. But I don't want to restore it because I still have files and photos I want to recover off there but if I restore it will wipe off ALL of the files, right? (cause I renamed a lot of the folders by adding a 2 to the end of them and will they be deleted when I restore? If not I can restore a jb os and then ssh and access the folders but if the restore completely wipes and reformat the ipod then forget it)
    I have already tried MANY ways of accessing the ipod filesystem through USB but with no luck.
    So basically my 2 questions are:
    1. If I recover to a jb os, will it delete ALL the folders and files (like a reformat) or will it not delete the folders including "System2" and also have a "System" folder from my new recovery? (like dual installations?)
    2. If not, then I will have to do a restore, but is it then later possible to RECOVER the deleted files like on a regular HD?

    Thanks a lot! And don't ask why I did this hahah

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