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    The wine shined, through the peering light of the open window. The water waves made a soothing sound. My memory was a bit foggy. What had happened earlier? It wasn’t very easy to focus. The wine reflected light, the green wine, and then the red wine. I remembered the order. I felt senseless.

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    Senseless, is a game, that is relaxing, while at the same time, can be intense, as you struggle to remember that last piece of information, or try to decide whether to trust the color of the word, or the word itself. It can be a confusing, and puzzling ride, but trust me, it’s worth the line.

    In Senseless, you play through three mini-games. One, challenges your rhythm and memory skills as you have to remember the order of numbers inside a circle, and tap them, in either rhythm mode, where you have to tap them to a beat, or timed mode, where your aim is to go faster. Another game is where you see three wine glasses, with different color wine. This one tests your ears, and your eyes, as the wine glasses light up in an order, each with an original sound, and you have to remember the order. It may get tricky at times but it definitely has a re-play value. The third mini-game is about the challenge of your brain. Fighting the urge to define the creative side of you and choose the color of the word, while the brains part of you is trying to match the word. A word will be held up (by a very polished looking figure) in a color, and you have to match the word, not the color, with one of the options.

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    Overall, the game has beautiful, relaxing music, perfectly paced speed mini-games that give you the strong urge to go back and beat your score, and test your memory. The graphics are creative, and imaginative, and really gives you the impression of art at a art museum. You will want to come back to this game, Senseless or not.

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