Sending in a unlocked phone to apple?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by carri07, Sep 23, 2009.

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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    Hi, my iphone's battery goes down really fast and i am thinking of sending it in. I have the 3GS iphone but the only problem is that i unlocked it and bought it off ebay. It was used for 3 weeks. I know i will have to restore it. But how will they handle me sending it in to the store since i bought it at ebay and have a tmobile sim in it. I will obviously take the sim card out.

    Will they replace for a new one? or what will they do?
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    Depending on what the problem is they will probably send you a new phone and it will most likely have 3.1 (or even 3.1.1) installed.

    Do a factory restore to 3.0 and send it in with no SIM card. You'll be fine from there; just depends what you get in return.

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