iPhone 3G Sena Walletskin for iPhone 3G Review

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gunzmaiet, Dec 22, 2009.

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    This wallet/case hybrid is available for $52 at Sena's website

    Protection 8.5/10
    Good Drop protection but leaves top exposed
    Aesthetics 9/10
    Great design, but some minor aesthetic issues
    Build Quality 10/10
    Made from good quality leather
    Accessibility 9.5/10
    You can use a wrist strap (if you want too), easy to put on, cutouts for buttons, the only con is the silent switch is harder to slide
    Value 8.5/10
    $52 is a lot to pay for a case, but the quality materials and how it doubles as a wallet helps this
    Overall 9.1
    Don't worry about this demagnetizing your credit cards (because it won't). This is a good wallet case made from quality Napa Leather

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