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    is there any seinfeld fans out there if so whats your favourite character and episode or quote
  2. Favorite episode...hmmm...I say, either "The Hamptons", "The Betrayal" or "The Little Jerry".

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    It has to be the "The Contest" and all the characters are so good it's hard to choose. I did however adopt a dog today and named him Newman.
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    I have to say, sitcoms today would be nothing if it weren't for two creative men named Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. What would life be like without them? Dull, that's what.
    Seinfeld is the best sitcom out there, it's hilarious, clever, and always has great characters and plots. What's not to like about it? I know some people may not like it because they don't like Jerry Seinfled, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't like this classic!Every show should be like Seinfeld, TV would be the best if every show was like it. I just can't express how great this show is!
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    is it as cheap as mine??

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