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    I have been using iPhone 3.0 for nearly an year. I do not use packets and my monthly rate was around 3500 Yen and all was well. But since 3 months, I started getting bills in excess of 8500 Yen. I have gone to the unlimited rate, without even using any packets for myself. Yesterday I found out that I have already reached the unlimited rate, in just one week, without downloading absolutely NOTHING! It seems Softbank is making iPhone automatically send data so that the packet usage reaches the unlimited level even if we don't use any.

    Now this got me real mad for having to pay 5700 Yen for about 2MB of data which Softbank made my phone send. I called customer service and gave them as earful out of anger. Although there is nothing they could do. I regretted it later.

    Anyway I had enough of being a lawful iPhone user. I want to jailbreak so I can install an app to change my APN so that the phone will not use any cellular.

    What I need to now is:
    1) Are there any consequences. Like screwed up baseband? unable to restore?
    2) Is there any difference in the Japanese model?
    3) If anybody jailbroke one what method did you use?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.


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