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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by beefstrudel, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Why cant apple make a security system like on the ps3? with a hypervisor and such... why are mobile devices always more vulnerable to hacks?
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    The average consumer would never realize how insecure the iPhone is (unless their info is compromised).

    Even some large corporations do not realize how vulnerable the iPhone is with its "weak" security systems and I think eventually Apple will strengthen things but that is just a guess.

    Above that most people that steal (or find) an iPhone or iPod Touch would not know how to get the data off of it but it is not hard to figure out either. The problem I see is if some "high profile" person became a target and was using an iPhone to store info that could be damaging to them or their lifestyle.

    Side note that I find shocking: I have purchased multiple iPhones locally and I am always amazed when people sell me their iPhone without restoring it or even erasing their info off of it. Not that I would do anything but I have had more than a few opportunities to get a lot of personal information from legitimate sellers.

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