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    Hey All, I was just wondering if you could explain me how to send screenshots in english if you will please ^^

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    The following guide is what i have tried to follow but it didnt work out because i didn't understand some of it- Please Explain >:}
    (* = Ununderstood)

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    How to Screenshot

    Screenshots with SSH
    by ebel3003 (MacRumors)

    First of all download this file, either link
    Download #1:
    Download #2:

    Next, SFTP to your iPod Touch and place the file into /Applications/. * * (which file?) * *

    This tool can only be ran via an SSH to your iPod. So, open an SSH and run a CHMOD to correct the permissions: * * (Dont understand anything below) * *

    chmod -R a+x /Applications/*

    Lastly, run the command in SSH:


    Go retrieve the file at the location it specified on your iPod when it executed. * * (Installed) * *
    To take a screenshot install When you have installed you will notice a yellow sunburst in the bottom right of your iPod Touch's screen.
    Drag from the bottom right upwards to switch between all your applications. The 2nd from last icon is 'Screenshot', release your finger when on the icon and navigate into your iPod Touch by SSH into /tmp/

    There should be an image called 'foo_0.png' around 325 KB, download this to your desktop for the screenshot you've taken on that page. SUGGESTION: delete the image off /tmp/ once you have downloaded it to your desktop.

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