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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Winterberry, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Hi you guys,

    I bought my ipod touch 4g two weeks ago, so Monday is the last day I could return it. I am perfectly happy with it except of one issue, which is not too easy to describe. There seems to be a small part of the screen in the middle left part near the edge (about the size of a bullet point on a page of paper, maybe a little larger and less round) that appears to be darker than the rest. This is most noticeable when scrolling in front of a white background or a grey background (as for example in the app store when you scroll down a bit) and then looking at it from an angle or scrolling through an internet page which is light grey in colour (or even plain white such as the mail app). I wonder if I have received a unit with a really exotic problem or whether this is more ore less normal. Could you please be so kind as to check your units for that problem. Thanks so much!
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    Straight ahead your screen should be uniformly lit, if it isn't its defiantly defective.
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    Yeah - that's a fairly major issue for a screen to do that. Take it back ASAP.

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