Scratches make me sad...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by neko3343, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Stupid non-chrome "chrome" backing. I'm sure everyone's aware that it scratches like the second you touch it, right?

    WOW. I just noticed that this is really long, so:
    TL;DR: Scratches. Not too deep, just annoying. Best way to get rid of 'em?

    So when I got my iPod Touch (8gb, 2nd+ gen), before even opening it, I asked my dad if he'd let me borrow a case, thinking "I'll baby it COMPLETELY untill its out of warranty, then i'll take the case off and enjoy it's full beauty!" ...More for a time limit really, not so much an "Ohno, Apple won't replace it if it has scratchesss...!" deal.

    But of course, the case he let me use was one of those 2-piece slider ones. I didn't really think it was an issue at first, but it started getting REALLY annoying that the bottom piece wasn't staying in place. So I took the case off, two weeks later, to find:

    - 2 pairs of long scratches on either side (probably from putting it on/off; from the top piece)
    - A bunch of short whatever-way-they-feel-like scratches (I'd assume from dirt and dust getting under it and sticking when I pulled it off; also the top piece.)
    - A bunch of little spots that look like smudges, but don't come off (all over, mostly towards the outer edge.)
    - And atleast A DOZEN AND A HALF, perfectly identical scratches from that damn bottom piece having to be continually pushed back on.

    There's also a few really tiny scratches from dirt getting under the silicone case it's currently in (long story short: Walmart. Came with it when it shipped.), but they can only be seen if you're really looking for them. I'm not entirely sure they're scratches even, maybe just streaks from wiping the back of it when switching cases.

    I've heard a bunch of things, from products like Ice Cream and Apple sauce (apparently, they're both brands of professional iPod polish.) all the way to toothpaste and bananas.

    For me, it originally made sense to start with the cheap, home solutions, then if absolutely needed, go with a more expensive choice once I decide that I actually want my pod being naked (which won't be for a while.). Then, while reading a tutorial on toothpasting (I read like six...), One said, in the "Warnings" section:


    ...Anyone know why? I've also heard it doesn't work, so yeah.

    So anyone know of good solutions? Or how/if the banana thing works?I do have plans for buying a new, single piece snap case as soon as I can get to a Best Buy (which might not be for a month or so. Living in the middle of nowhere sucks.), But I feel like instead of getting a case to actually protect my iPod, I'm buying it to hide all the scratches... Which I know I'm not, but still...
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    You could wax the back of your ipod, as you would with skis, snowboard etc
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    Banana doesn't work for me.

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