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    seeing as I thought we don't have any, I thought I was out of luck with my iPod. But then iconvinced one of my technologically unsavvy teachers to let me use her computer for a bit (for work LOL) and I found out the network name!!! Also thanks to her I have the password (so I can to my other classes work when I finish in that class).

    Now whenever I want... IPoTfans FTW.

    I'm so happy!

    Here is a small guide as well to get your school's password without using your iPod to get around any proxy!
    1) Get a flash drive. 250 mb minimum should be plenty.
    2) Install Mobile Firefox on it. (Some SanDisk drives have the U3 System preinstalled. If yours does not you may need to do it manually)
    3) Find out the username of any admin (teacher). Say my teacher's is lwaddell.
    4) When you are prompted to log in (in firefox) type your teacher's username and some random password.
    5) Firefox will prompt you if you want to remember the password. Hit YES. Now for any password entered under the username FIREFOX WILL REMEMBER IT!
    6) The proxy will deny the password.
    7) Get the innocent teacher (who's username you entered) to log you in "because you need to access an educational website that the proxy blocks students from." Actually find one of these websites just in case.
    9) Have him/her type the password. Go to the educational website.

    From now on Firefox will remember the password for that username! You can use one of many apps that let you copy text from a password field to get it (and hopefully be able to log in as ANY admin).

    Rep me if this was helpful.

    *This is for educational purposes only. I don't take responsibility for any action taken against you by teachers, principals, friends, iPods, etc!

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