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    Jun 10, 2009
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    iPad w/ 3G
    I'm scared.
    I just got my dad to order me Sony DRB-T22's on sale for $33 shipped
    (Off amazon if you wanted to know, they are $100 headphones)
    If I want to return them he will get p***ed as h*** - the only way to put it.
    I read from 2 reviews on different sites they had to use a serial bluetooth adapter with their 3G.
    Why? It has A2DP? Will it work with my iPod without a bluetooth adapter?
    Why SHOULDN'T it? (Note I have 3.0)
    Please, quick answers!
    LoL, edit in 1 minute! But heres why
    Just read a review another guy had the same idea but after charging for an hour it connected seamlessly to his IP2G w/ 3.0
    Still would like a little backup though

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