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    hello forum, i have got a broken touch 2g 32GB and having spent some well spent time researching the problem i can honestly say i haven't found anyone with a similar problem! which is pretty intriguing... basically, my headphone jack went mono, so i replaced it and in the process damaged my digitizer AND bezel!

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    so i replaced them aswell, except now my bottom buttons don't work, i.e.
    • music
    • video
    • safari
    • pictures
    which is pretty annoying to say the least! but, the slider button, which uses the same part of the screen as the main buttons works fine, which leads me to believe it's not a hardware problem.

    it's wasn't under warranty when i attempted my own repairs and i AM thinking of getting the touch 4g but if i can get the current one to work normally again i'd probably wait for the 5g like a lot of people on here!

    thanks for reading guys. x

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