Santa Clause Doom for GBA!!

Discussion in 'Gameboy Advance emulator (gpSPhone)' started by spinner, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Okay fellow itouchers, I found a doom type game called Defi Noel for the gba emu. (yes, this runs at a pretty good speed, not like the official doom.gba rom)

    So, you play as Santa. Thats right, Santa. It seems you haven't paid your elves enough, and the little bastards kidnapped Mrs. Clause!! Are you gonna stand for this? NO!! (who'd do the laundry?) So you whip out your handy-dandy shotgun and go on an elf elimination spree! In all, there are 64 elvin lives to take.
    When the elves die, big signs with pics of different stuff pop out of their bodies. (I don't know why.)

    So, rep is appreciated if you like the game!

    Now if we could get the regular Doom.gba rom to run this good.........

    EDIT: Okay, when you face a door (theres like a hundred of em') press the B button to open it. And it's rumored that there is a rocket launcher in one of the rooms. (this is a rumor, I don't know if it's true or not)
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