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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xxmockeyxx, May 5, 2009.

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    Well, this is my first post and it is asking for some help, hopefully that is what I get

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    Well, I have been using Safari for quite some time, it has been running smooth and nothing has gone wrong.

    Videos is where my problem is.

    I use both YouTube and Safari to watch videos...
    But some videos are not on YouTube

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    They loaded fine yesterday and I was able to watch them in Mediaplayer...

    But today, I tried to watch a video and it took me to a strange page asking if I would like to download the video, saying it would be palced into so-and-so location of /private/var/mobile/videos or something along those lines... or to watch in Mediaplayer.

    Of course I chose to watch, but instead of the view going in landscape, it stays in a normal view, which is not like Mediaplayer.

    Also, it said it loaded the video, and I clicked play.
    The video did not play, it just satyed at a black screen and I did to hit the Home button to escape becasue the GUI went away as well...

    The video is an MP4 so I do not know what is going on...

    It would be highly appreciated if anyone can help me watch videos on Safari.

    Well, thanks!

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