Running ITunes on a USB drive on multiple computers... question

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by prototype7, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Morning everyone. I've been searching and I think I'm getting even more confused, so I wanted to ask a quick one.

    I want to setup ITunes on more than one computer and use my single ITunes account on them both. I want to be able to purchase apps while I'm not at my home computer. My plan is to install ITunes on a usb jump drive... that way when I'm at a different computer I can browse and purchase apps... doing it from my ipod takes up to much battery!

    So my question is... If I use ITunes on a different computer, and make app store or music purchases, when I get home and log into my ITunes account will I have the option of downloading those apps to my MAIN computer? Or is there a way to synch up the info on my USB drive with my MAIN computer? I only plan on syncing my Ipod to my MAIN computer for now, even though I know it can sync with up to 5. My goal is to not leave ITunes or any of my info on the secondary computer that I may be using.

    I hope that question makes sense... thanks for the help!

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