romsite that you should be able to access from most skool comps.......

Discussion in 'iOS Emulators' started by mpappa31, Feb 21, 2008.

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    hey ok i know this is my first my first post but i hope this helps everyone that is looking for roms. I dont think i can actually post the site so if you would like it email me:, but i wont be reply for too long only for about 2 hours so i mean maybe it will get around by other people but i really respect this site and i use it very often. so yea. It has almost every type of of roms that tha ipod touch/iphone can run and even more. if you need any help just email me ok. The good news is that i can access it at my skools computer and i dont really know how strict our web fliters is but its called barracuda networks and i mean to me its seems pretty strict. so to end this like i said if you want this site with roms and other materials for your gaming on the ipod touch or iphone then just hit me up on my email. and i hope this will help everyone looking for roms and other materials.
    Note:I want to think the owner of this certain site for providing the roms and the other stuff on his site and also all the companies who made the games. so yea.

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