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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Harry Goldfarb, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys sry but ive been having some trouble with Rogers. I have my 3g iPad and finally took the time to get it set up but when i try to input my billing adress it always says it's invalid. I live in Canada and have a Post Office Box number. On the iPad there is no spot to input a P.O. box. Anyone else experience this and has a fix. My rents are gone so im not gonna phone just yet


    On a side note my wifi bars have disappeared, i can connect and use wifi but the bars dont appear on the top bar of the iPad
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    mod this should be sticked just rename the title to "What to do if you have a P.O. box number" and delete my first post

    I figured this out, where you put the number of your street put "0" where you would put your street adress put exactly "P.O. Box XXX" x=your p.o. box number ** the P.O. both need to be capitalized and they both need a period afterwards

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