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    Oct 1, 2007
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    Hello everyone.
    my name is rodrigo and i am a Ipod Nano addict(sorry wrong support team).
    still i love my Ipod Nano, had it for quite some time and it´s well protected in a metal case so it does not have scratch on it(quite praude of that).
    i have orders a Ipod Touch from swedish Ipod Store, it should arrive in a week or so.

    what more i can can say about ipod to the converted already in the Ipod community.
    It rules and it´s great, it´s little and white and it has great music in and i walsy take it with me(excepet work due of stupid work polocy.)
    thanks, i will post a buch of question later on on some stuff i have some questions on.
    greetings rodrigo.

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