Rocketfish Bluetooth HD Stereo Headphones

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Nemi5269, Jul 8, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch

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    4 high-definition audio settings
    Deliver enhanced audio quality for customizable listening.

    Up to 14 hours of talk time per charge
    Up to 12 hours of music per charge
    Along with up to 340 hours of standby time for extended use.
    My review:
    Ok so i got these yesterday trying to save 'some' money but try some cool looking bluetooth headphones and from my use of them yesterday to now i think these compete with my skull candy low-rider dj headphones. These are comftorable and very good sound quality and LOUD for both phone and music. since i only have an ipod 2g touch not an iphone this was ideal for me because it switches between my phone and ipod pretty flawlessly. as all other headsets mic and ff/back buttons dont work but both headphones work during calls and ppl seem to hear me clearly as compared to numerous othe bluetooth headsets. only thing is u look crazier talking to 'yourself' whilst wearing these as my g/f says. they sell at best buy for $69.99 so its pretty cheap if ur looking for bluetooth headphones with awesome quality.

    i also wanted to know if any one else has tryed these and how they like them. And yes i know there's other bluetooth/ipod threads just noone brought these up
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    Rocketfish Headphones

    I bought these things last night. First off, this is 2010, almost 2011 and we DO have the ability and technology to manufacture WAY better products and still make a reasonable profit. These headphones absolutely suck. Reception goes in and out, there is static, sound quality is very poor at higher volumes (no matter how good the source is) and worst of all, they are completely uncorfortable. They need to make these with a band that conforms to everyone's head for a custom fit. I wanted to throw them out the window, but I will return them tonight.
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    I have these. I got them for 39.99 at best buy when they were on sale. The above poster reminds me of my gf. She got these after I did. She hates them. I'll admit there are some serious problems with these.

    I love the idea, I love the features. There is a few problems though, let me go over those first. 1.) yes, after long periods of use, they are uncomfortable. They conform to your head. It takes awhile but they do hurt the ears after awhile. I take them off and put them aroun my neck when I am not listening to music. My phone still vibrates and I can sometimes here the ring in the headset. 2.) The charger code can be damned near impossible to get in without breaking it on the first few charges. My gf bent her cable. My was hard to get in and really hard to get out. 3.) They are extremely prone to static electricity and it will kill the headphones if they are exposed to it. I was under a blanket with them that conducts static and it caused a horrible buzzing that wouldn't stop. I had to exchange them. 4.) yes there are some interference issues. But this is really more a bluetooth issue. Bluetooth uses the crowded 2.4 ghz frequency range. If you are in a big city or something, you will have drop outs. That just comes with bluetooth. Theres too many signals that are on the same band. Its like I throw a bunch of crayons, pencils, colored pencils and pens at you with different colors and markings and tell you to find the blue colored pencil with the Rocketfish logo and a specific number on it and there are like 50 different shades of blue writing utensils. Oh and do it under a second so the user doesn't notice the lag. That's what its like for devices in populated areas with lots of wifi and bluetooth. Its just not possible.

    Now that we got the bad out of the way. Just cause I covered that first doesn't mean I don't like these... So here's what I love about these.

    1.) Multiparing. What this means is I can pair this will several devices at the same time as long as they each use a different bluetooth profile (eg handsfree, HSP, A2DP ect). That means I can use it with my iPod and Phone at the same time. Usually phones will use HSP or Hands-Free. They will use that first and with that first. Some phones have music so they might use A2DP though. What you do is pair with your phone and iPod separately. Then if your phone has an option to, make sure it doesn't use A2DP. If not (like my phone doesn't have this option.) then after pairing with each device and connecting to each separately, turn the headset off. Configure so both connect to the headset automatically. Turn bluetooth on both devices. Then turn the headset on. If it worked, the headset will beep twice (once for each device connecting). Now you take calls and listen to your ipod.

    2.) Sound quality is awesome. I especially like the LIVE mode. It adds a nice reverb to all your music which makes it sound like its in an echoy room.

    I love these headphones but yes they have their weakness. Its nice not having wires. But you have to treat them differently than wired ones. LOL, I've gotten weird looks too especially because its winter here and my hood entirely covers them. Looks like I am talking to myself. lol.

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