risk when upgrading to 1.1.4/1.1.5/2.0 from a JB 1.1.3

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    Hi all,

    My ipod touch has the firmware 1.1.3 jailbroken and now I would like to upgrade it to 1.1.4 (and then jailbreak it) and potentially to 2.0.

    Is there any potential risk when upgrading a JB 1.1.3 from iTunes by just pressing the "upgrade" button? Do I have to have fist a non-jailbroken 1.1.3 FM to do so?

    Another question would be: I've got the 1.1.4 firmware in my HD so would it make any difference pressing restore and select this 1.1.4 firmware (having the JB1.1.3 in the ipod) compared to just pressing upgrade?

    Hope I made this two points clear enough

    Thank you

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    you should restore to a fresh 1.1.4 just to be safe. then upgrade to 2.0 if you want. although i wouldnt recomend it because none of the good apps work for it yet. so you should just stay on 1.1.4 and jailbreak it using iLiberty+.

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