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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by x6blues, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I've had a few people contact me on my reviews.
    (One was constructive, and the other had the gall to criticize as if he were somehow superior, so he got a fun e-mail from me

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    Apparently I'm biased and lack competent thought according to that one individual.
    Well, let me explain to you the process and my obligations.

    It all begins with me sending a proposal to the company stating I write for a blog and then giving a few examples of my articles.
    Then I await the response from the company. If they agree to be oh so kind and donate a case in order for me to review, then I await the shipment and begin.

    Now, here's my role as I write the review.

    I write and review with my experience from using the case and the information given to me or that I have researched independently.
    Here's where the misconception comes in. Kind words with positive connotations have somehow become indicative of me being in cahoots with the companies! Conspiracy?
    I seem to be missing how not focusing on minute issues which have absolutely no bearing on overall use. I must be one real son of a b*tch if I make mention of it in the review but don't spend 20 paragraphs discussing every bitter detail of the case having a tendency to break when you bash it into the wall 88 times

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    Oh, and now my favorite. By delving into details of the company, that must mean I'm only doing a bloody advertisement. Yeah, I guess giving some interesting facts/background on a company assures what a piece of sh*t writer I really must be! I mean why talk about the different, positive business practices designed to help the consumer and the entrepreneur whose more concerned with customer satisfaction than overall profit. Nah, might as well go with corporate bigwigs who couldn't care less about you or your order!

    Now, the Pros and Cons again.
    I make mention of any problems I find in the review, but let me ask you. What constitute a Pro and a Con for each individual case? Each has its own use/practicality/category. The GelaSkin is more for imagery, design, and overall appearance while an iFrogz is more concerned with overall protection, cushion, and feel. How does one state the Pros and Cons when each case is unique, and has its own purpose.
    Same for ratings. Please explain how a CoreCase gets a 7/10 while an iStyles gets a 5/10.
    What system, what scale, and what categories are in place for two separate genre of cases?
    Nah, guess I'll go with silly guesses!

    Finally, the reviews are meant to present information.
    I'd expect anyone reading the review to be capable of cognitive thought. The whole damn point is to see how it suits you.
    As said before,
    Each Case=Unique, Own Intended Purpose, Own Category.
    It's up to the reader, big responsibility I know, to decide what they feel is a positive or negative. All goes back to the presenting information huh?

    Does anyone expect the review to give them some burst of clarity and have it be the deciding factor when there are so many other cases out there?
    Nah, that's where iPod Touch Fans comes. Gotta have 7 threads with a poll.

    Off-topic: Another fun issue, the"writers"..from iPhone Fanatics or w/e the blog is'd be fun if you didn't spam the comments and give sh*tty advice
    (By now though, alot of you have been marked as spammers so keep on doin what you're doin and we'll be set

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    ^I'll say that's a consensus from us rascals at Hack the iPod Touch, but if not then it can be a personal message from me fellas!
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    Well THERES a rant!

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    FYI I love yours and the other writers reviews

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  3. hakk79

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    I was wondering how you guys got those cases. I was beginning to think you guys were making a stash of iPod touch cases and buying them by pooling your money (Stupid, I know...)

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    I understand the rant though. I don't really know why people would be e-mailing you guys with complaints

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  4. Joe Rossignol

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    Jan 9, 2008
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    You gave the secret away about getting our cases! Gosh!

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