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    i will keep this review simple i hope you guys like it

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    let`s be honest how many of us like to kill zombies?i do!and this little piece of work its just what keeps me touching my ipod for hours.

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    including in this game are the abilities to buy new weapons,there are 15 types of weapons more powerful then the other one but also expensive,you collect cash by killing zombies,you can buy health to restore your life span. let us take a look into it,shall we?.in this game you will find yourself walking underneath the moonlight on the streets of some town overrun by zombies your mission?is to kill them all before they eat your brain ,for every one you kill you get cash and at the end of each level you will have the options to:

    buy new powerful weapons .including a chainsaw,shotgun,ak47,missile launcher and more.
    buy new ammo for your current weapons.
    restore your health so that your next level you`ll be as good as new.

    basically this game is an action easy-to-learn shooter for all of us who enjoy just to relax turn up the volume and enjoy hours of playing, as you go up to the next level the zombies will become,faster and harder to kill but also more valuable in cashso get your guns loaded and let us kill them! free our town from them!
    if you wish to check it out here is the link for the lite version click here but i recommend buying it for if you love to shoot zombies the lite version wont do it so buy it here

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