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    VLC Remote by Hobbyist Software

    This application is the perfect addition to your video playing setup.

    This application allows you to do near everything you could do to VLC media player from your computer from the comfort of your couch. Need to pause and resume the movie? Not a problem. Missed a key scene? Either set manually set it to the minute and second you stopped paying attention, or use it's auto-skip feature to skip back or forward a set amount of time with the push of a button. Fullscreen, volume, advanced playlist editing, this application has everything I could think of laid out in a very manageable and easy to use interface. I knocked it off .5 points because it is just missing 2 features as far as I am concerned and iPtF asks reviews to be given in increments of .5. The missing features will be discussed later.

    As I said before, the GUI looks very nice. It has heaps of features on a 320x480 display without appearing/feeling crowded at all. I've attached screen shots of my current skin to provide you visual representation. The developer also added the feature of skinning the application in version 4.0 if I'm not mistaken. He has made themes readily available for download from the settings view of the app. At the moment there are 7 different skins available from the app.

    Reuse Value:5.0
    If I could give it a higher rating than 5.0, I would. I bought this application during the summer of 2009, it's now nearing on a year later and I still use this application EVERY time I open VLC media player to watch a video. VLC takes up about 80% of my video watching, and thus this application gets a TON of usage. Dispite all the use I've put it through, I've never once had a problem with it. It is one of the very few applications that has remained on my iPod since the moment I bought it with it's removal not in the foreseeable future.

    Money Value: 5.0
    This app is currently available for $2.99. While most people would consider this an "expensive" iPod app due to most apps being around $0.99, it is VERY worth the price. There is also a free version to allow you to try it out. Links for both of these applications will be given in this review.

    I know this isn't a required or requested field, but I figured I'd add it anyways. I found the support for this application outstanding. This application is currently on version 4.53. It has been updated many times since I've purchased it, each update containing at least a few useful features and bug fixes(rare, not needed most the time) I've also e-mailed the developer a few times and found him to be very helpful and quick, usually responding within a few hours.

    The Downside
    This application has VERY little to improve in my opinion, however, as is the case of life, nothing's perfect. My ONLY complaints about this application is that it doesn't automatically start up and shut down VLC for you. I'm not sure if this is due to impossibility due to limitations from Apple, or the developer not getting around the implementing it. Either way, it really isn't that difficult to walk to your computer and open/close VLC media player when you need to. Thus, the downside is very minimal.

    Final Outcome:5.0
    As I said in the downside, the only problems I have with this application is that is doesn't have the option to close and open VLC directly from it, which as far as I know, may not be possible. Overall, this application is VERY handy and never leaves my side during my video watching. Anyone who uses VLC media player more than once a month should definitely invest in the application, or at least download the free version to try it out. I'm sure it'll soon become a permanent part of your VLC setup.

    Full Version($2.99)
    Lite Version(Free)
    Other Hobbyist Software apps(worth checking out)
    Hobbyist Software website

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    VLC are my hommies.

    When Windows media player stopped working on my school computer, I downloaded their media player. Simple program, does what it's told. Pretty nice replacement.

    Now they show up on the app store and are like "Apple stuff not working right? Use this!"
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    VLC Remote is the best app ever, I use it all the time

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