[REVIEW/TUTORIAL] Original Gold Back made by Gold_Finger

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    4G iPod touch
    Ok, just a few things to start off...
    I purchased this gold back from an outside source, unused by another member here at iPTF.
    I also did not have access to a camera at the time, so I have no pictures of before the upgrade. The before photos are actually pictures of my brother's iPod.
    Yes, I know, it's a little late, but it's here.

    1. The crappy little green sticks do not have any effect on opening your iPod. I used the smallest Phillips flat-head in my dad's tool box, and a putty knife.

    2. After about 5 minutes of trying to open the back, I was gleefully introduced to the smallest screws I have ever seen. 2 of which took me 1 hour a piece to screw out. I was also greeted by a contact which connected the Lock/Power button to the inside of the iPod. The Lock/Power button also had a contact, connecting to a center piece. Then, on the other side, two pieces containing the wifi adapter.

    3. After unscrewing, I found that I had lost 2 screws. If this happens to you, it's okay. Losing 3 is a problem. With the 2 I had, I screwed in one on each the Lock/Power button, and the wifi adapter. I screwed them into the top, as I realized in the end, it would be more stable that way.

    4. Putting this thing back on sucks. After 4 hours of trying to push hard enough to force it into perfect position, I gave up, and I have attached photos of the finish.

    Extra: In Before-1, it shows the back of my brother's iPod, without gold back. In before-2, it shows the bezel in its perfection. In After-1, you can see a scratch (It's not scratch proof, but it is highly scratch resistant), and also 4 dents (3 of which are hard to see, next to the 16GB logo. These dents lead me to believe that it also dents fairly easily. The scratches on my thumb are from removing the original back). In after-2, you can see the scratches on my bezel.

    Now, the overview.

    Appearance - 9/10, if un-dented
    Scratch Test - 9/10, highly resistant
    Installation - 8/10, easy if you know how to do it
    Overall - 9/10, for the future, try something to make it dent resistant

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it (Who am I kidding, no one likes to read!)
    Thanks anyways


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