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    Time Trainer Review

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    Time Trainer is a brand new application to help you improve your sense of time. I stumbled across this addicting "game" while looking for an application to help me improve my sense of time so I could read tempos and be able to replicate them somewhat accurately without a metronome. What I found instead was this great, cheap application.

    What Is Time Trainer?
    Time trainer is a quick game to help improve your sense of time. There are two types of games: games that require a long time to play, and "time fillers" that are quick and fun. This game definitely falls into the latter category, however I have found myself playing it for extended periods of time, trying to top my personal best.
    The game opens with a picture of a smiling clock, and a button that says new game. You tap on the button, and you get the first round. On the top it says Round 1: How long is ___ seconds?. The amount varies randomly from 1 to 10. The button has now changed to say "Go!!" You tap go, approximate the amount of time, then press the button (which now says Stop!!) when you think the correct amount of time has elapsed. It gives you how much time actually elapsed, and the text overhead changes to Round 2. This repeats for 5 rounds, then it tallies up the amount of seconds you were off by total, and rounds to the nearest whole number. This is your score. You want to try to get it as low as possible.

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    The game has a very simple interface. The only graphics in the application are one of a giant smiling clock. It is very simple. I think if there were to be any more graphics, it would just be overdone. I think the choice to keep it simple was a very good one, and it works very well. The giant clock is all the graphics the game needs.

    I can honestly say that this game has improved my sense of time. When I first played, I was off by about 6 seconds at the end of 5 rounds. Now, almost every time I play, I am off by only 1 second. It seems very difficult (but not impossible) to get 0 seconds. My high score is still 1!

    The game is only 99 cents, and is well worth it in my opinion. A game doesn't have to be overly complicated to be worth the money. This game does a very nice job of being simple, yet addicting.

    What could be added?
    As I said before, the simplicity of the game is what makes it so appealing. However, I would like to see an options panel in the future. Possibly be able to set the number of rounds or the number range. However, this would require a separate high score panel for each mode, because you could cheat by setting it to 1 round, and keep trying until you get low enough to round down to 0. However, I still think this could be accomplished and would be a nice addition.

    Overall, I think the game is worth the 99 cents. It is very fun and addicting, and does provide a good amount of entertainment - and hey, it's only 99 cents!

    Time Trainer is available in the iTunes App Store at this address:

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