[REVIEW]Textie Messaging - Beautiful free text chat unlimited (SMS)

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    • When you text message somebody you get a full length number, not a simple shortcode like most other apps.
    • You can communicate directly with other people who have Textie installed.
    • You can picture message to e-mail's or other Textie users(Mobile phones not supported yet).

    • The GUI pretty much mimics Apple's Messages app.
    • Only a couple things differ which can easily be changed via jailbreak.

    • Somewhat restrictive, only one tone as far as I can see. Vibrate function still works normally.

    Reuse Value
    • Very low RAM Consumption
    • Runs like apps from 2.x, fast snappy and responsive.

    Value for Money
    • Ad-Supported! Whereas it used to cost $4.99.
    • Ads can be removed buy buying a simple in-app purchase for $1.99! Which is still half the price the app was when it was revenue supported!
    • textplus 4 does the same thing, but they want you to pay $3.99 to remove the ads.

    This app is truly awesome guys.. I have been trying to find a free messages replacement and this app has the perfect GUI+Feel to do it.

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