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    Taska - Version 1.0
    'Elegantly-designed GTD app'
    A stunning GTD application with Toodledo sync that shows great promise.

    Taska has an stunning and intuitive interface that makes it very friendly and easy to use. It offers a host of settings, making it a great companion for getting things done (however, not as customisable as some of the competition, such as Appigo's ToDo). As a user of Toodledo, I found that it would be nicer for the app to have tighter integration with Toodledo, however the sync did work well.


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    Offers the main GTD lists as focus lists in the top of the app - fantastic looking icons
    Projects are very well implemented

    Toodledo: sync works well, however the apps 'Focus lists' are not closely integrated with your Toodledo account
    Mac database syncing: with their free helper application for backup/restore
    More options are planned: look forward to these

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    Context map: shows contexts with GPS information and location! Very neat feature which includes navigation to the chosen context
    Design: the ui of this app is fantastic, as well as the icon
    Repeating options: extremely customisable, which is terrific
    Task sharing: email tasks, lists and filtered lists - can be imported if the receipient has Taska
    Customisable: badge options, password protection, task to project/checklist conversion
    List sorting and filtering
    Other: Landscape support, batch editing
    Upcoming: push notifications, scheduled tasks, attachments

    A fantastic todo or GTD application, this app is highly worth of a download by anyone who is a fan of GTD, Toodledo, or just wants to get things done. Currently, I found that the integration with Toodledo was not tight enough for my liking, however the developer has said they will be working on this. This application is visually stunning, and has many features, such as task sharing and password protection. I feel that this app has a lot of potential and although I am not making it my current GTD manager I think it will soon be.

    My notes to the Dev and their Responses
    I was not notified of the first/original syncs completion
    >> This is a known issue. We've fixed it and submitted an update (v1.0.1) for approval earlier today.
    In selecting a tag for a new task my list of tags from toodledo displayed twice.
    >> We're doing some tests regarding this, and will fix it in v1.0.2.
    I have location services turned off, however the app always asks me to turn on location services. Would be nice if this didn't come up more than once.
    >> Noted. Will fix it in v1.0.2.
    What does the Running person icon do in batch edit mode?
    >> The icon is the same as the 'Action' list. It is for adding / removing tasks to / from 'Action'. (Like the 'star' button in Things)
    How do I delete a list? I don't want the 'shopping list'

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    >> When in the home screen, tap the "Manage" button on the upper-right will bring you to the list management screen. You can edit your custom lists there.
    What do you mean by scheduled tasks in the upcoming features (Ticklers of some sort?)
    >> In a major update in the future we plan to add the ability to schedule tasks to start on a later date. Scheduled tasks can be viewed in a system list called 'Scheduled' and will be moved to their designated lists on start date.

    Feature requests:
    Filtering is good, would be nice to filter from the main screen as well so you can see the numbers of filtered tasks in each lists
    Tighter integration with Toodledo's lists (i.e. you can set the someday focus list to display tasks from your 'list' (folder) Someday/Maybe, which then hides this list from below (same for projects and Inbox if you have an inbox folder), tasks with the status (in toodledo) of 'next action' show up in next actions). Should have a waiting for list (or at least an option for one - for some this is a context, for many it is a list) - could link with a Toodledo folder, or the status 'waiting/delegated'. Also, the show in actions x days before due date is a fantastic feature, maybe could tie in with the 'start date' option on toodledo?
    Able to set which fields appear, similar to the options on the toodledo website ('Modify Fields/Functions Used').
    More customisable: Set new task defaults, changing visible lists, sync options (which source has priority, Taska or Toodledo, sync at startup), push notifications (in development) with customisation as to when the notifications appear and the sound, more sort options (base off toodledo's sort options: sort by x first, then x, then x), a setting that allows completed tasks to be hidden immediately, also something that allows them to be moved to the bottom if you choose to keep them viewable
    Would be good to be able to hide the @ from contexts as I already have the @ in my toodledo context names

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    A customisable focus/hotlist (i.e. show tasks with star, due in x, only x list)
    >> Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. We will first work on tighter integration with Toodledo, and will consider implementing some of the customization options in minor updates. Push may not be available soon due to our tight schedule and size of the team (2 persons doing everything

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    ), but we are serious about our products and will continue improving them).

    Features: 3/5 as a Toodledo user (possibility for a 5/5) For a non-Toodledo user, probably would be a 4.5-5/5
    Gui: 5/5
    Reuse value: 5/5
    Value for money: 5/5 (on special at the moment for $5)

    Overall: 4.5/5

    Would love some feedback on my first review

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