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    Title: Tarantula Hologram
    Price: $0.99
    Version: 1.0
    Developer: Raptured Line
    Size: 2.6 MB​

    What is Tarantula Hologram?!
    Well, my friends, Tarantula Hologram is probably the most realistic hologram related app you can possibly imagine. It's impossible to actually have a real hologram projected from the iDevice screen, so Raptured Line did their best in imitating what a hologram effect would look like on the iDevice utilizing the accelerometer.

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    Tarantula Hologram isn't a game. It's more of a novelty application. When you start up Tarantula Hologram you will first notice a box with an odd looking skull on it. Upon removing the cover (once you tap it), you will be face to face with a Mexican Redknee Tarantula! The tarantula itself has a mind of its own and will move around the box freely. You can only interact with the tarantula by tapping on it (which will only make it move faster around the box). The hologram portion of the app comes in when you tilt the iDevice. What happens next is difficult to describe with words. The view of the box is distorted along with the color- changing background according to how you tilt the iDevice.

    I can't describe the music other than eerie. It suits the app wonderfully and adds a spooky vibe to the already obscure experience.

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    I will haunt your dreams!

    The visuals are beautiful. The tarantula itself is a 3D model and the box has depth to it. You must look straight down at the screen in order to get the holographic effect.

    Once you see the app yourself, there isn't much more to do. Since it is a novelty and not a game, the replay value is fairly low. The best part about the app is showing it off to others and seeing their reaction (try to find an arachnophobe and show it to him/her..).

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    I would like to see some more interactions with the tarantula such as being able to squish it or knock it over. Also, it would be cool to see different types of tarantulas.

    For what it is, Tarantula Hologram is a fantastic app and a steal at only a dollar. There isn't much to play around with but the longevity never gets old when you show it to others. The music is great and the visuals are superb. Out of 5 stars, I would rate Tarantula Hologram a solid 4.

    What I like
    - Graphics
    - Music
    - Hologram Effect

    What I don't like
    - Low Replayability Value

    Raptured Line was kind enough to throw in an extra couple codes in order for us to have a giveaway! In order to participate, you must tell me your favorite spider related joke AND what you would like to see in the next update. I will choose the winners when I feel enough people have participated.

    Here is a link to a YouTube video of Tarantula Hologram so you can get an idea how amazing it truly is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5eCnyAlfc8

    Buy it here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=320931873&mt=8

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    Why are spiders good swimmers?
    They have webbed feet!
    The next update should have "Create your own spider"

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  3. berky93

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    looks cool.

    why did the spider buy a car? so he could take it for a spin!

    (I just realized that spider jokes aren't that funny.)

    the next update should have different creatures in it, like scorpions or something.
  4. joke

    A scientist decided to present the scientific community and the world , his brilliant discovery that SPIDER USE THEIR LEGS FOR LISTENING! Then, met with colleagues at a convention center and began to support his thesis.

    He took a spider in a box and pulling his leg, he ordered:
    - Walk, spider!

    And the spider, placed on the table and started walking. Then again picked up the spider, tore out the second leg and again commanded,
    - Walk, spider!

    He continued pulling the legs of a spider, always ordering her to walk and obey, until left with only two legs of that poor animal.

    Continuing, he plucked one of them and ordered:
    - Walk, spider!

    The spider began to spin ... But walked!

    Then came the turn of the last leg, picked up the spider with one hand and the other started it in a snap. Then he ordered:
    - Walk, spider!

    The spider did not move and he repeated, shouting:
    - Walk, spider!

    And the spider continued paralysided.

    He grabbed a megaphone, the spider leaned in and shouted:

    And the spider ... nothing!

    So, our scientist turned to all who were watching over there and spoke with the utmost security:

    - She is not listening, so she does not comply

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