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    Developer: Nerdgames
    Price: $0.99
    Version Reviewed: 1.2

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    iTunes Rating: 3.0
    My Thoughts Over the App: 3.5
    User Interface: 5
    Overall Rating: 3.8

    Can you land the stunt man on the carriage from different heights?

    StuntCopter is a fairly simple game in which you try to land your stunt man onto the carriage moving across the screen. You control the helipcopter which holds the stunt man by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch. This game doesn’t have much of a main menu either; it is just a “Touch Screen to Begin” type menu. When maneuvering the helicopter to various heights, the higher you go, the higher score you get when you land the stunt man onto the carriage. After getting through levels, the carriage does gradually drive faster and faster. You can drop the stunt man on the ground and lose a life, drop it on the horse and loose life, or even drop the stunt man onto the guy guiding the horse and lose a life.

    StuntCopter is fairly interesting and addicting for the first few levels, but the game is very repetitive. That may bore many people. The plus side to this is that the developers of this game have preserved the user interface of the game from the original created by Duane Blehm in 1987 for the Mac. This game is developed the way it is supposed to be.

    Because this game is repetitive I have reduced its rating. This does make it boring to some. I think they should add more features like a reverse mode where you have to shoot the stunt man from the carriage back into the helicopter or something of that sort. Until an update is released this app deserves a 3.8 out of 5 star rating. Please rate and comment on what you think about this app! Thanks!

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