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    Developer: John E. Hartzog
    Price: $0.99
    Version Reviewed: 1.2

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    iTunes Rating: 3.5
    My Thoughts Over the App: 4.8
    User Interface: 4.7
    Overall Rating: 4

    This addicting, castle defending game is a greatly developed game that involves war with stick people!

    When opened, the game Stick Wars’ first menu comes up with: Load Game, New Game, Help, and Options. Those are all self explanatory, but High Scores does open up Safari on the iPhone and gives you global scores. When you play the game, the objective is to defend you castle from stick people running at you with various objects, such as poles, swords, and this big wooden vehicle looking thing that destroys your castle faster. The way you would defend your castle is by touching and flicking each stick person that runs at your castle. There are many more way in dealing with the enemy stick people like putting them into your prison inside your castle. These prisoners can be used as bombers against stick people that are too hard to destroy by flicking them. Then once completing that level, a screen pops up with your score and how much money you earned. You can use this money towards: repairing walls, fortifying (building them stronger) walls, adding prison slots, bomb factories, archery pit, repairing other things, and a wizard school to further help defend the castle.

    Stick Wars will keep you busy, but you may think this gets repetitive because pretty much all you do is flick the massive amounts of stick people on the same map, but on that one map, I noticed that it does change seasons. It is a very fun and addicting game, but I think they developers should add a little bit more. That is why the rating is not perfect. Also, the app has frozen a couple of times and crashed to the home screen. The game does lag for a few seconds every now and then, too.

    This addicting, castle defending game that does have its little share of problems is a great game is for only 99 cents. This is probably the one of the best developed games that looks like the way it is supposed to be developed. A great game like this deserves a 4 out of 5 star rating! Please rate and comment on what you think about this app! Thanks!

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    It's okay... make use of some screenshots!

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