[Review] Skull Candy G.I

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    Main Music: Rap and Rock

    Sound: The sound is quite clear , I think it will sastisfy anyone needs.
    They are Very loud , but many people can not notice because it blocks out alot of sound from the outside world.
    They are some VERY bassy headphones , they will sastisfy Bass Junky

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    Comfort: The material is very soft but it hurts your ears because the Speaker are round and not the shape of your ears , witch does creates some discomfort.
    The piece over your head is soft and very comfortable.

    Looks: These are headphones for people that want to get noticed , Id Describe them as headphones for skater kids or just people who like bright colors.
    They come in Alot of Different colours , mine are in red.
    Overall they look Very Nice.

    Features: The headphones have a feature where they can spin , its very hard to Describe how they spin , but If youve ever seen a DJs headphones they do the exact thing.

    Price: I bought them for 80$ canadien , but I bet the price varies.
    For the money you spend they are a Very good pair of headphones for the amount of money you spend.

    Overall: They are a very good pair of headphones for any music lover , I suggest to anybody.

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