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    Developer: MidCentury Software

    About Shopper (from iTunes)
    Shopper is an app created for the grocery shopper in us, as well as for everything else! Update your shopping list whenever you think of things to purchase. You can even add photos to the list using the iPhone's built-in camera or via addition of photos from the Internet (for iPod touch). Then when you're shopping, check off the items as you go. Your shopping list is with you all the time, whenever you need it!

    Shopper's Features
    The user can create multiple lists for stores, types of items, recipes, etc., i.e. the app is fully customizable according to one's own choices.

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    In addition, lists can be created by searching through the built-in catalog of groceries and other items. As an example, I have included a list of items that I intend to purchase at Cold Storage, a local gourmet supermarket chain.

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    From this list, I can then "open up" the database of, say, Kjeldsen's Butter Cookies and customize the details such as unit and also set the price (and other notes, e.g. brand name) as seen in Cold Storage. As a note, the picture was taken from the Internet as it is unfortunate that the iPod touch has no camera (inconvenient)!

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    Shopper also has a feature whereby either the Shopping List or Cart or even both can be emailed to your Google / Yahoo / etc. account for recording in the PC. As Shopper does not have a desktop conduit, this is the only way where your lists can be stored in the computer for record keeping.

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    Here is the Master Shopping List and I have broken it into three distinct categories, which are House Groceries, Cold Storage, and Pharmacy. Since I am making my purchases in Cold Storage Supermarket, the list is obviously captured under this particular database.

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    Shopper has a straight-forward interface that is simple for experienced users but it can get quite confusing for beginners. This is due to the many sections that have to be accessed for simple stuff like adding a product into a shopping list or even changing the details.

    Value for Money
    At US$1.99, Shopper is one of the most affordable shopping-list apps for the iPod platform. Despite the minor shortcoming mentioned in "Interface" above, Shopper is still more user-friendly and affordable than other similar apps for the PalmOS that I have used before.

    Features: 8/10 - great features make Shopper one of the most complete grocery-tracking apps around.

    Interface: 7/10 - can get a bit confusing for first-time users but once you have gotten the hang of it, it is actually quite a breeze to use!

    Value for money: 9/10 - where else can you get a great shopping app for the super-affordable price of US$1.99?

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