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    Time for another review! This time it is for the Sennheiser CX-299 earphones, just to clarify, the 299's are the same as the 200's but these come with a carrying pouch:

    Sennheiser CX-299 Earphone Review

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    What's included:

    Inside the box is a carrying pouch, the earphones and replacable earbuds of different sizes.


    As with all of the Sennheiser products these headphones come with a 2 year warranty. As with all earphones these ones have the same problem with the wire connections and ive found that my left headphone is now about 4db quieter than the right one which is really frustrating.

    Technical stuff:

    *Frequency response (headphones) 20 - 20000 Hz
    *Cable length 1.2 m
    *Impedance 16 Ω
    *Sound pressure level (SPL) 110 dB
    *THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.2%
    *Transducer principle Dynamic
    *Weight Approx. 5 g

    Audio Quality:

    As usual i stuck on some rock, this time Alien ant farm - wish, to test out the sound of all of the elements and the warmth of the earphones. What i found in this test is that the bass is extremely strong and this tends to create a murky sound when listening to rock with a very heavy drum beat. Although being in ear headphones these are extremely warm and create an amazing sound to the music. The mids on these headphones are very clear when listening to anything but heavy rock which creates a create sounding balance. The treble on these headphones is somewhat the same as the mids, if the bass isnt over powering then the treble is really strong and in songs like The Fratellis - Whistle for the choir the over balance of it all is stunning. One of the minor annoyances in the sound of these headphones is that after listening to some other headphones and going back to these the sound tends to feel a bit dull and lacks any drive. The thing i also love about these headphones is their big sound buffer, listening to my music at half volume through these earphones is pretty loud so i therefore have a very low chance of every blowing out an earbud.
    The next test i did was the rap test and found that the headphones are somewhat murky when listening to things like Eminem - Cleaning out my closet but moving onto songs such as Eminem - Sing for the moment to sound is a lot better and it's a huge improvement in the clarity of the sound.


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    These earphones seem pretty durable, on the actual parts that go in your ear it is quite a sturdy plastic case and the speaker part is quite big (a radius of about half a centimetre) so that part seems quite sturdy. The only thing that seems slightly fragile is the very thin cable and where it connects to the earbuds, as i found out the connection isnt as strong as it could be, but saying that i have had these headphones for about 7 months and this only happened recently.


    After trying out all of the sizes of earbuds and finding the right ones for me i found that these earphones are extremely comfortable. There is no gaps around the earbud and it fits in my ear without moving which means that you can run with these earphones no problem. What this does for comfort is that after a while you dont even notice that you have the earphones in.


    Being earphones and coming with a carrying pouch means that these headphones are really portable. I will not be scoring these for portability.

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    Audio: 7.5/10 The overpowering bass and dullness in the music becomes an annoying after listening to these headphones for short periods of time.

    Durability: 8/10 The wiring problem that ive had happen to me and thin cable mean that i wouldn't class these as very durable earphones

    Comfort: 9/10 very comfortable but the earbuds are hard to get used to at first

    Average: 8.16 These are very well rounded earphones and should definitely be considered for purchasing

    These headphones market at £59.95 in the UK
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    Ya, sennheiser IEM's tend to have a lot of bass, and in some lower end models, they can be uncontrolled which is a big turn off.
    I don't know if this specific model requires burn-in but you might want to be patient as the bass might tighten up over time.
    Good review

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