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    Didev-Studios has released there app Review Scraper onto Cydia, as Apple rejected it a while ago.

    Simply add to your sources.

    Review Scraper is open source and the original thread can be found on these forums here:

    Some info about it:

    Review Scraper is the ideal app to download App Store reviews on a global scale.
    Developers can easily track what people are saying about their apps and see how it ranks in all the App Store countries.
    • Search for apps using a familiar interface.
    • Translate app reviews into your native language (language support is limited to what the Google Translation API supports).
    • Downloaded app reviews are saved and can be easily deleted.
    • Beautiful UI.

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    If you have Quicktime installed you can look at a little preview video on our site:

    Comments is allways welcome and i hope you all enjoy our little app. Thanks!

    /Didev Studios
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