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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by tinyman392, Oct 1, 2010.

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    I just got my new iPod Touch 4G Proporta Echo screen protector today.

    Name of item: Proporta Echo Screen Protector
    Model: iPod Touch 4G
    Cost: 10.95 USD (Purchased on Amazon)

    -Works as advertised: The Proporta Echo Screen Protector (which I will refer to as "the screen protector" from here on out) is a mirrored screen protector for the iPod Touch 4G and other supported devices. This screen protector works as advertised as it protects your screen and doubles as a mirror
    -Easy to install: The screen protector is actually really easy to install. You polish your iPod. Take off the tab that says "1" on it. Put it on the iPod correctly (line up the holes). Squeegee all the air bubbles out of it. Then take off the tab that says number 2.
    -Doesn't interfere with devices display: The display still works as intended and doesn't require any higher brightness setting.
    -Holes for the camera: This was the one thing I was worried about, will it cover up my Facetime cam... NOPE

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    -No more rainbow effect: The rainbow effect that many iPods get when a sun glare hits the screen is now gone.

    -Air bubbles: It's impossible to install it without one tiny air bubble. I've tried numerous times. If you do plan on purchasing this product, I would suggest installing it similar to the Shield Guards. Take off the tabs and covers, put the water/soap solution on the iPod (The front glass). Let sit for a few hours. But even with this method there are 2-3 air bubbles (better than 10+).
    -The box it came in showed a picture of an iPhone. But said iPod Touch 4G. Confusing, but the product inside matched up to the iPod.
    -Cost: 10.95 isn't cheap when there are alternatives that are 6 bucks. Both of these prices do not include shipping. But brands do matter somewhat.

    Overall: I love it, it works great, and makes my iPod look awesome

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    The air bubbles are not as visible, but are there. It's impossible not to have them. The brightness of the screen doesn't need to be adjusted, except for the fact that autobrightness should be turned off. It also gets rid of the blueish color when you view it from an angle... But lessens the viewing angle a tiny bit.

    Quick tips with any mirror screen protector:
    -Turn off auto brightness for better viewing

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