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    Hello Guys! I am reviewing Powerstick Portable Charger designed by Ecosol.

    This is another one of those rechargeable battery packs that became practically essential for any heavy gamers or Internet browsers on the iPod touch. However, one of the most notable difference is its form factor that resembles a giant USB stick (you'll see why) and the diversity of dongles that come with the product to charge many devices other than iPod or iPhone.

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    This is the box itself, clean recognizable, to the point and not overpackaged.

    notice the price tag, I got this at Future Shop which is a Canadian electronics retailer (equivalent to Best Buy) for all the people who doesn;t know but they had it at clearnace and I knew I HAD to get it. it was a steal at $19.97 but there are other options if you're paying $59.97 CAD ($49 USD)

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    Here's the whole unboxed picture (ignore the 3rd gen nano case in the corner, that's my sister's not included with the charger

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    and just the necessary stuffs are in there: The battery, the dongle tips, and a manual in 9 different languages (Trust me, you'll only need English) The manual is nothing special, just regualr YADA YADA telling you that you connect your charger into a USB port on your computer to charge and connect the corresponding dongle on the powerjack.

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    As you can see, there is a whole slew of dongles/adapters for your Palm Treo, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Mini and Micro USB, and of course the iPod/iPhone. (For the complete list of compatible device goto http://powerstick.myshopify.com/pages/powerstick-connectors for the full list) You should be able to charge prcatically any phone Out of The Box.

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    Here are some technical details for people who wants to know. 750mA is about one full charge of 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touches and about three fourths of 1st gen and iPhone I believe (I am not sure as I don't have all of the devices to test out) Although, I suspect that just like any manufacturer's guarantees, the battery's charge at the end is probably lower than 750mA. Not too shabby though!

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    Now, this is a unique thing about this product, although there are many other external battery that supports charge by USB, For powerstick, you just plug in the whole battery into the USB port like you would for a USB thumb drive. Also, the LED bar with the + and - sign shows how much of electricity your battery has and it will scroll from left - to + when you are charging it or draining its power to charge your iPod indicating the power use Nice thing to have compared to just orange and green LED lights like some other porducts do.

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    Here's a size comparison with a regular USB thumbstick (or external mass USB storage device or whatever you call 'em) which shows that the powerstick is just about twice as big as a regular USB pendrive (again, whatever you call 'em)

    After charging the Powerstick with a USB slot on your computer(actually any powered USB slots including USB car charger) with LED indicator no longer scrolling from - to + sign and full (Like it is in my picture) you can take it with you wherever and whenever you want to charge your iPod/iPhone/Elcetronic device.

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    Plug in the corresponding dongle into the Powerstick and plug in your iPod on the connector of the dongle.

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    Then press the familliar power button beside the + sign of the battery indicator and your iPod/iPhone should start charging.

    Sadly, I don't have my touch around as of now and just charged my Classic instead (But really, Classic does not need such accesory, the battery goes on forever!) and so I can't give you guys exactly how much this will charge for you but 750mA like I mentioned before, should be able to give your 2nd and 3rd gen a full charge.

    Overall, Powerstick is a very flexible and convenient product with the multiple dongles included rather than a single built in iPod dock connector and very convenient USB charging.

    It also provides a decent amount of juice to give you a plenty of more time to enjoy your iPod/iPhone.

    However, I have to say that somepeople would hate using an extra cable for a battery pack as it its rather inconvenient to carry it around while you use your iPod/iPhone and the lack of included AC wall-charging solution (Although it is possible) can be annoying.

    Nevertheless, I really like the product and feel that this is a fair deal for its price at $49.99 USD (Especially at the price I got

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    and the simple form factor with easy charging and flexibility of interchangeable charging dongles (And also the fact that this is a 100% Canadian manufactured product) gives it a 4.3 from Me.

    Visit their site at www.powerstick.com for more infromaton about the product.

    I hope this review was helpful and also hope someone else can give their opinion of the product too.

    This has been my first review of a product ever and I thank the ifans.com forum.

    Visit me at twitter.com/dong1225

    P.S. (considering a video review/tutorial but I don't have a camcoder)

    P.P.S. Come on guys! I would like some feedbacks! Was this informative? Anyhing more you want to know about (By the way 10 image count per post is annoying)

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