Review of Songbird, a great iTunes alternative

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    SongBird Review

    Songbird is a great alternative to iTunes. It has many more features such as full customization, add ons, a web browser and internal lyric searching. When you first start it up it allows you to download radio components such as and SHOUTcast and it downloads your iTunes music straight from iTunes.

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    --Customization and add ons--

    Songbird has done well to allow people to have the best experience possible, with this comes customization. Go into the built in web browser, go to the Songbird site and click on appearance and there you will see many different themes that you can use.

    Another important factor when you are trying to have a better experience with a music player is the ability to change things around, for this there are add ons. Some of the better add ons are Lyric Master, Media Flow and iPod Device Support.

    There is an add on called Concerts, you click on it in the side panel and you choose your current area and it finds upcoming concerts for you.

    --Lyric Master--

    Lyric Master is an add on that finds the lyrics to whatever song you are currently playing and it gives you the option to save the lyrics. It pulls lyrics from lyricsplugin or lyricswiki (you can add more.)

    --Media Flow--

    This is basically Album Flow from the iPod Touch, it definitely need some ironing out because albums with multiple artists show more than one cover in this and it looks crappy when you are missing some artwork (and God help you if you have no artwork for an album with multiple artists >.<.)

    --iPod Device Support--

    Probably one of the best things here, not really but its hella helpful. YOU CAN SYNC YOUR IPOD WITH THIS! (or Zune, but this is iPod touch fans.) Say you have a friend that likes only soft music while you like headbanging metal, you set up your playlist on Songbird and his on iTunes (making playlists in iTunes is too time consuming) then he syncs with iTunes and you sync with songbird. You still need iTunes for software updates but still, it's great.

    --Built in browser--

    Here's something great, there is a built in browser where you can download music or videos, it brings up a little popup on the bottom asking if you want to download it and it automatically adds it to your library. It's powered by Mozilla so it is fast, but less fast than Firefox, definitely usable though.


    Definitely the best alternative to iTunes I've found so far. It's filled with features to keep you interested and many helpful ones. At the moment it only works so-so with the iPod Touch and iPhone, so be aware of that, but other models are working well.

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