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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by wan3212, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Sep 23, 2007
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    i know some people wanna know how i like this case, so....
    overall review: 3/5 stars

    i got it, and was very happy, shipping was fast. dont get me wrong, its a nice case, just has some wierd quirks, and is about the same price as some other higher quality cases. this case is a sleeve type, but its very flexible. i often find that my ipod touch has fallen out of the case. because of the scatchable back, i decided to buy a screen protector for my ipod touch. ive been using this case for 1-2months now, and ive noticed on the screen protector, theres 2 very large scratches from where the ipod slides up and down out of the case. now to the pros: the pull tab feature is very nice, although ends up scratching the back of my ipod. it also is very sleek, and very slim. my friends all have ipod touches, and all of their cases are much more "fat." this case also has a nice leather type material. it also seems to be durable, and protects the ipod well. so thats the review on the incipio orion case
    edit: its cheaper than when i bought it, now its around $15, i would prob make it 4/5 stars now.

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