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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by D3V, Dec 3, 2007.

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    Nov 11, 2007
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    I've been looking around online to find the case that suited my needs. At the end I went with the Multiflip Case from [B][/B] I've just recieved the case but it feels very good and it does look nice:

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    I did although get mine in black. The tan looked a bit weird to me.

    I have some pro's and con's so far:

    • Fast delivery. I ordered mine this friday and got it today. (The retailer is placed in Turkey and I live in Denmark)
    • The fit. It fits so nicely around my iPod. It is almost impossible to make the case "pop up" when pressing it on the side.(I expected a little as it is a leather case) (do ask if you do not know what I mean

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    • The flip is being held close by some magnets. This is a very easy way to open it although not so easy that it will open my itself.
    • There has been taken good care to the details as both the sleep/wake-button, the mini jack and the dockconnector is freely accessible with the case on.
    • The flip. The flip can be detached. This is a good feature as it might be an annoyance to see movies with the flip on.

    • The size. The iPod will get a bit thicker with this case. I found it a bit surprising but I know that I will get used to it.
    • The home button. This buttom is behind the leather and you have to press on the leather. It feels a bit weird but only a smaller annoyance.
    • When you close the flip and put a little pressure on the part where the home button is placed it sometimes presses the button and the iPod will wake. I do not think it's an annoyance as it just goes to sleep again

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    My personal opinion is that the money is well-spend and that the quality follows the price very well. Oh I should mention that the price is $50.50+shipping. I do personally not think that I will regret this purchase.

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