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    MotionX Poker
    Let the dice roll

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    General Info:
    Price: 2.99$
    Lite Version: yes* look at the bottom for more info
    Size: 8.1mb
    Developer: MotionX

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    The main menu

    The Review

    Back in the day, when 2.0 was released and everyone was uber hyped, this was one of the first games released on it ( among those like super monkey ball, vay, aurora feint, enigmo, aqua forest.....) aswell as one of the first games i bought. I still remember how i used to stay late and play it on mah old ipod touch 1g.

    Upon launching the application you'll hear an awesome Chinese ( at least i think so) styled melody. And here this game gets its first plus. The music is of high quality. No mono or polyphonic sounds. The first menu you'll see is also Chinese themed. The music and menus really give you that Asian feel.
    This game is a bit different from other poker games. Well in fact quite a lot. There are no cards here, only dice. Yep you're going to play poker with dice!
    An interesting concept i would say, and perfectly transferred to life.
    You get 5 identical dices. Either from 1 to 5, or from 6 to ace. Its you choice which one you prefer. Then you can choose a table. The first tables that are available for you are the chicken and the horse ones. The chicken one is for practice and the horse one is for the real deal. Once you begin to play all the dices will be showing kings or 5's depending on which dice you chose. Then you shake your device to roll the dice. Once they're done rolling, you choose which dice to keep and which to roll again. You can keep the dice you want in the slots a t the bottom of the screen. You will roll the dice totally 3 times. And don't forget that the same rules apply to you AI opponent. At the end the winner is the one who has the best hand.

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    Gameplay screenie

    AS i mentioned in the Introduction section, the music is of high quality. So are the sound effects. Dice rolling, you winning, trophies being unlocked. Just perfect quality. Nothing more to mention.

    The graphics in this game are splendid. The menus are clean and you'll never get lost among them. The dice are perfectly rendered 3d models. Even though this type of game doesn't really require any supper high skills, everything is done with extra skill.

    Replay value
    This is probably one of the strongest aspects fo the game. While playing you can unlock dozens iof new dices ( a total of 39) and unlock 14 achievements in the form of gems.
    The game also tracks all of you statistics. And when i mean all, i mean ALL. Oh and did i mention ALL? From your luckyest dice and how many of each type of hands you had, to your winning rate and number of profitable days.

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    Statistics galore

    The score:

    Introduction 4
    Gameplay: 4.5
    Audio: 5
    Graphics: 5
    Replay value 6 wait i cant give it a six? well 5 then

    Final Score

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    iTunes Url:
    Lite version Url:

    * the lite version is for the newer edition of MotionX poker, MotionX poker Quest. Th newer edition is themed Egyptian rather than Chinese and has more tables+achievements+dices. The price of the newer version is the same and it has a little bit of story. But i still prefer the old one.

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