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    In my desperate attempt to find something FREE to review I finally decided to go on itunes. 'Sigh' why my Ipod needs to sync every time I go on it me won’t know. Aside from that, when I was scrolling through the 10 pages of itunes free games I noticed what every person would notice...There isn't that many free applications that are good. So I decided to pick one randomly.

    And along came Moonlight Mahjong

    Name: Moonlight Mahjong
    Price: Free
    Developer: Midnight Martian

    Not being one of the bigger fans of Mahjong I wasn’t going into this game with much anticipation. But I was armed with the basic knowledge of Mahjong and the ability to use my fingers!

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    After reading the description I found out that it promised "3D version of the classic puzzle game"


    3D? How much are other mahjong games? $0.99 to $9.99! And it looks to me like it’s hard to see the tiles.

    However, this game Trumps all other Mahjong games! Let’s take a look at this first picture.

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    WHOW! 3D game action right there! I was just about to score myself a 2 dot brick!

    Okay, so the 3d ability makes it hard to play and I like to play just from a normal top position.

    Now let me explain how the 3D controls work.

    Let’s talk about controls

    Using 1 finger, just like manipulating a picture, moves the tiles up down left or right. Using two fingers Zooms, rotates, and changes the pitch.

    However you can’t just throw away the 3D ability. Designers of the game made it so that you can’t distinguish between heights if you’re looking at it top down. So you must move the tiles just a bit to make sure that they are on different levels. This little trick makes the game play very hard and long. Constantly changing the angle to see if the tile is on a different level.

    The tiles are easy to hit, and I see no problem there.

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    Final thoughts

    Now I was playing the game on and off during this review and I found a nice angle that is perfect for playing this game. You can see the entire board and the different heights as well.

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    Recommendations, hmm... For this game I would recommend it to anyone who has a long flight or a long car ride. It’s free so you can use it for those occasions and not be over paying.

    Now I can recommend this is people who play a lot of Mahjong, but they might not enjoy the 3D action! So to you I say, I don’t know.

    I give this application a 4/5 because of weird controls, but good solid game play!
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    its pretty good for free

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