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    Learn to play the Leaf Trombone, perform your repertoire before a global audience, and prepare to be judged.

    Since the App Store's Launch last year, Smule has been steadily building an impressive portfolio of sound-based social apps for the iphone/ipod touch. Their biggest hit to date has been the multi-award winning Ocarina.

    However Smule's latest app, Leaf Trombone: World Stage, is a social musical instrument that could easily upstage Ocarina. Players can download new songs and perform before a judging-panel of other Leaf Trombonists.

    Leaf Trombone: World Stage takes the wind-instrument concept even further than before. For musical beginners, Ocarina was a serious tough app to get to grips with, whereas playing the Leaf Trombone is a breeze for musicians and fresh-starters alike.

    There are two methods for tooting on your leaf trombone: for beginners and ipod touch users with out an external microphone there is touch mode. Simply tapping and holding on one of the vertical note-markers plays a note. And for advanced players they can take it further by blowing in to their iphone microphone or ipod touch external microphone, ideal for adding nuance to a performance.

    There are also a stack of tunes ready to toot in the song library. The selection on offer is constantly growing too, as Smule have provided a song composition and submission platform on their site. There's something for everyone in the Library, including classical songs like 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' and 'My Heart Will Go On', theme songs from films like 'Iron Man' and video-game tunes from games such as 'The Legend Of Zelda'.

    Judging a performance also earns you Leaf Tokens, the currency of the buffing Leaf Trombonist. Each performance on the World Stage costs one Leaf Token.

    Performing works slightly differently compared to the judging. After selecting a song from the library, you'll perform alone. Once you've completed your performance, the judging panel is then selected to appraise it - meaning you're able to initially perform without being distracted by a shower of praise, or worse, an onslaught of criticism.

    Leaf Trombone: World Stage is everything you would expect of Smule. The instrument part of the game draws non-musicians in - it's so easy to get satisfying results and is enjoyable to play.

    Leaf Trombone is a wonderful instrument and an incredibly accomplished social toy. Furthermore, like a musical instrument, it's something that you'll be delighted with playing and growing with over time.

    so go grab it now for only £0.59 heres the itunes link


    hope this review helps


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    I would love to say it's nicely written, but you didn't write it. This is plagiarism of a review at another site.

    If you use someone else's work it must be sourced and quoted exactly as they have written it. Your attempts to disguise it as your own work only make it worse.

    Going forward we are only permitting reviews to be quoted from other sites if they are for brand new releases and considered 'breaking news' and of use to our members. In such a case it doesn't belong in this section but in the App Store Games or Applications section.

    Also I think the fact that you have applied to be Member Reviewer on the back of this review is dishonest and so I have infracted you for this.

    I hope you are suitably shamed. Cheaters don't win. Thread closed.
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