[Review] ifrogz timbre with mic.

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    these are the ifrogz timbre with mic. in ear headphones. they retail for $50.

    before i got these headphones i had the skullcandy smokin' buds. With my skullcandies i thought that the sound was the best i've ever heard, it was a huge improvement from the apple earphones that come with the ipod. I felt the exact same way when listening to music with the timbre's. the sound was so much more clear and listenable. if you have normal earphones or even the skullcandies, this one will be a huge step up.

    theres not really much to say in this section. they feel great in your ear and they come with a couple different sized ear buds to customize the fit.
    Style and look

    this is where the timbre shines. i LOVE the look of these earphones. they have a real wood finish on the ear piece and they look really nice.
    other details/ wrap up

    they retail for around $50 and you can find them for less on amazon and ebay etc. the cable is long enough. i didn't find the cable to be short at all. one feature that i didn't stress here was the mic. that's because i had nothing to use the mic with. if you guys want to know about the mic. quality you can go here. http://www.ifans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=252322

    that about wraps it up. hope you enjoyed my review, screenshots are coming soon

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