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    Taken from my wordpress blog:

    Ifooty Plus

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    Price: $1:19/Free
    Rating: 4/5
    Creator: Jeremy & James Debate
    Needs an Accurate Rating. Please comment your rating bellow.

    If You are a big Football Supporter and would like to get the live scores and results from all the Major leagues around the world then IFooty is what you should get.

    - League tables
    - Past match results
    - Minute-by-minute updates for live matches
    - News
    - Live chat with other football fans
    - Push Notifications for Goals and When the match starts, Half Time and Final Time.(Paid version Only)

    - The app has fixtures but you have to wait a long time for them to load. I hope they can fix this.
    - Would like more leagues preferably Asian ones like the A league.

    The app is great because it is simple and easy to use with live match commentary which is great. I also enjoy talking to other users of the App in the chatrooms. The Apps News comes straight from the BBC website so it is full of detail and you can share the story with your friends to. If you get the paid version you get Push Notifications which tell you the score when you are doing something else and you get to see the match commentary.

    The app includes these leagues and tournaments

    - Premier League
    - Championship
    - League One
    - League Two
    - Blue Square Premier

    - Premier League

    - Champions League
    - UEFA Cup
    - La Liga
    - Serie A
    - Bundesliga 1
    - Ligue 1
    - Eredivisie
    - Portugal Liga
    - Danish Superliga

    North America:
    - Major League Soccer

    South America:
    - Brasileirão
    - Argentina Primera
    - Copa Libertadores

    - J. League 1

    - Confederations Cup
    - European U-21s
    - Gold Cup
    - International Friendlies
    - World Cup 2010

    I would highly recommend the purchase of this app as you get no Adds and Push notifications it is great.

    Also, we would appreciate it if you visited our site to comment, subscribe and read more review'

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