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    iControlPad Review

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    So... how is it? Read this review and find out!​

    • 4 Way Directional Pad
    • Two Analog 'Nubs'
    • 4 Push Buttons (A, B, X, and Y)
    • 2 Menu Buttons (Start, Select)
    • 2 Shoulder Buttons (L and R)
    • Mini Usb Charging Port
    • Included Clamp Set
    • Internal Battery

    • SPP Mode
    • HID Keyboard Mode
    • HID Keyboard and Mouse Mode
    • HID Joystick Mode
    • HID Mouse Mode
    • HID Keyboard Mode (special experimental packet mode)
    • HID Gamepad Mode
    • Supports Charging iPhone or other USB Device (read on for more detail)
    • Firmware Updates
    • Wireless Bluetooth Connection

    Negative Aspects

    Initially upon receiving the iControlpad, the D-Pad was rather unresponsive... and it fell off. Literally, it fell off the device. According to the official forum and according to CraigX himself, this was only an issue with the first 20 or so units due to the type of glue they were using to attach the plastic to the rubber pad.

    Should this be an issue for you? No, but it's worth noting in case others have the same issues in the future.

    I fixed this issue easily with some super glue.

    The only other negative I can point out on this device is that there isn't a normal USB 2.0 port, meaning you need a special adapter to charge your iDevice while you play.

    Also, USB gamepad connection is NOT supported, it's strictly bluetooth, meaning you need at least an iPod Touch 2G to use the iControlpad. Any 3rd generation device or higher is recommended due to the resources emulators require (on top using bluetooth simutaneously)

    What's So Great?​

    The iControlPad is the first of it's kind to be released commercially for the iPhone and iPod Touch. On top of that, it also works with a numerous amount of other devices, including Android smartphones, Bluetooth enabled computers, and with the proper setup, just about any device that has Bluetooth built in!

    The game pad feels very awesome in your hands. The plastic has a matte finish, a very thick one in fact, giving you grip and preventing the controller from getting oily very fast. The 'joysticks' have circular grip made of plastic, but it doesn't take away from the comfort. The analog sticks are sensitive and accurate!

    The D-Pad for me was at first unresponsive. Once I properly glued it in place, it worked like a charm. It's now just as responsive as the other buttons on the device.

    The L and R buttons are also very responsive, and they don't get in your way while you rest your hands on the back of the device... you won't accidentally be pressing those keys.

    As for the clamps, they fit snugly with the iPhone 4, and there's a compatibility list for the clamps that are included HERE.

    Other clamp sets will be released to fit more devices later on.

    As far as I can tell, the battery will last you the length of your iDevice battery, probably even more considering it can charge your device simultaneously.


    Currently, the amount of software that supports the iControlpad is limited, and is only available if you are on a jailbroken device. (or an Android smart phone)

    Currently, there is an NES emulator, dubbed NES.emu (which is AWESOME) which supports the iControlpad. I can tell you from personal experience, it feels GREAT to play NES games on an iDevice with a physical controller.

    An SNES emulator from the same author is on it's way (and it's already running!)

    Zodttd (developer of the xxx4iPhone series of emulators and other software) has confirmed that he is enabling iControlPad Support in his emulators. iControlPad support is currently working with PSX4all, he just needs to send the update out to Cydia when the time is right.


    The iControlPad is GREAT. It's really an outstanding product, and it's amazing having watched the project from start to finish! It's a really useful product, and because it uses a standard protocol such as bluetooth, this product won't be outdated any time soon. With a new iPhone will come a new jailbreak, and if it's a different shape, you can easily purchase a new clamp set for around 15 dollars.

    I recommend buying this product and supporting the iControlPad team who has spent the past 3 or so years inventing and producing this product.

    Where Can I Get One? How Much?

    The iControlPad is available for purchase now at http://www.icontrolpad.com
    Currently, the price of the iControlPad is 46 Euros (About 75 USD).

    A video unboxing/review is coming soon!

    Here are some additional photos:

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    Great review!
    I was thinking about buying one of these but since alot of apps have to be updated it's kinda useless to me atm. Guess I'll be waiting for the snes emulator to be released
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    I wish they brought out something similar for the iPad.
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    Well now the D-Pad is not responding whatsoever :/ Great. I took the plastic off, and the glue hasn't penetrated anything... idk what the problem could be.

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